Uproot Reboot

by Cloudgayzer

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100% of Digital sales will be donated to the Transmission Prison Project which supplies literature and resources to LGBTQ inmates around the country


released March 31, 2017

Recorded and mixed by a very good friend
Mastered by Will Killingsworth
Album Art by Destiny Stubbs



all rights reserved


Cloudgayzer Asheville, North Carolina

2 fast 2 b cis

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Track Name: Cut + Scrape
Serve you with a smile
Serve to stay alive
Watch you consume and waste
While you waste my time
Things I must buy into
In order to get paid
Food service makes me want to die
Your tips wont pay for my complacency
My emotional labor isn’t free
Alienated from my work, did I sign up for this?
My only survival skill
Is serving rich tourists
Their entitlement sucks/They treat me like shit/Degrade me for tips
You will not continue to exploit me
You will not continue to degrade service labor
While also making it too expensive to survive here
Tourism fucking kills
Tourist economy is an enemy of community
No tourism under Trump
Track Name: Hard Reground
I’m floating
I can’t feel anything
You ask me if I feel myself in my feet
You look at me, say just try to breathe
I stare at a wall, I can’t tell what I see
Grasping how to cope
With my traumatized body
I don’t know what I really need
grasping at myself
when I’m not in my body
I don’t know how to reground me
Track Name: Gas Masc
I try not to watch them watch me
As I feel my muscles tighten
Their eyes going over and over me
They tell me I just want attention
Its true that I want to feel valued
I don’t seek validation from you
You look at me, but don’t see me as me
Male gaze/gouge eyes
When men look at us I want to gouge their eyes
I will steal weapons from every man I despise
So I can arm survivors to shoot their rapists
And every man who fucking sympathizes
Killed you in my mind
Vengeance will be mine
I want you as scared as you made me
Track Name: Less Assimiliation, More Ass Stimulation!
Our liberation wont have a corporate sponsor
Those of us who’re marginalized must be held at the center
Our voices are important
Experiences aren’t unified
Solutions can’t be simplified
We wont be held back by white washing
We wont be held back by co-opting
We wont be held back by respectability
We will fight for liberation by any means necessary
Destroy the state/ now’s the time to escalate
Track Name: All Gay Cops Are Traitors
Your love is irrelevant
When your occupation oppresses
Your violent assimilation
Pits you above and against us
All Gay Cops Are Traitors
Do yall know what that means?
Gay pride is inseparable from nationalist pride
Gay cops are inseparable from killer cops
You’re gay but you incarcerate queers
You’re gay but you uphold a racist homophobic system
You don’t have any gay community’s back
You uphold corruption, you still must pay- pig
All gay cops are fucking traitors
You don’t have your community’s back
You have blood on your hands
Identity is no excuse for the power that you abuse